My fondness for the Legion of Super-Heroes has been well established here. But I don't think I have mentioned how much I love the old Superboy comics. I have quite a collection of them. The oldest is Superboy #11 (Nov-Dec. 1950) which featured the second appearance of Lana Lang. And her first cover. The rest of the collection is a dozen or so misc. issues until #50, and then it's complete. A couple of Lana's best Insect Queen stories involved the Legion. The one where she became a Legion Reservist and the one where they battled Mordru are my favorites.

Insect Queen's origin is pretty silly by today's standards but still enjoyable. Lana helps an alien who in turn gave her a Bio-Ring that enables her to take the shape and abilities of any insect. The accessory every girl wants, right?. :) Now I know the above image doesn't have her mask on. Frankly, I don't like the mask and it covers her face too much. I mean really, who doesn't know about her Insect Queen identity? :)

This is done with ink, color pencil, and acrylic paint on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes Paper. And she is going up on eBay tonight, for those interested.

On deck for tomorrow, a character I drew for a few issues way back when. A certain blonde ex-CIA, ex-poor little rich girl who owns an amazing detective agency. Was that too on the nose? :)