Restaurant Art

I love going to a restaurant that has butcher paper over the table. We went to a great restaurant in town this evening called the Bone Fish Grill. When I saw the tables I borrowed a pencil from the hostess and she brought me some crayons later. Fun was had. Since we were in a seafood restaurant, I went with a mermaid sketch. Don't know what that says about me. :) And sorry for the lousy digital photo. I am actually surprised it came out this good with the low light conditions and the fact that the camera in my iPhone isn't that good and has no flash.

The con was fun yesterday. Got to meet up with John Beatty, Craig Zablo, Casey Jones, Kelly Yates, Joe Pekar and a bunch of others. Picked up a sketchbook from Shane to do a Speedy (Roy Harper) sketch for him. I really must set up next year. I am planning on setting up for the two day show later this year. All in all we had a good time.