A Close Call

Sometimes the fates like to mess with a person. You know, that perfect storm that challenges you both professionally and personally. Nothing earth-shattering or life changing, just annoying and a pain. I present today: First day back to work and a lot of things to do. That is when my internet connection goes down. That wipes out my telephone too. The problem is the modem and it has done this three times in three weeks. The other two times the ISP reset it remotely. This time no joy. The support person apologized and stated that someone should have scheduled service for me when the problem happened a second time. So I was put on high priority and will get a service tech to my studio between 2pm and 8pm. Big window I think, should be okay. But at 8:20pm, still no sign of support and no call. So I pack up the laptop and head for Panera Bread and free Wifi. 

Not only was the blog threatened by all this, but I had revisions to send to a client. And I don't like not doing what I said I would do. The client was very understanding but I wanted to make sure they get the files tonight. (They are in California so the time difference helps). At 8:37, I was called on my cell and told that the support person was at my house. Swell. They are supposed to be back tomorrow between 8-10am. Any bets? 

Todays art was sketched in my sketchbook today and colored in Photoshop. I hope everyone has a good weekend!