HERCULOIDS - Progress and Final

Above is a series of digital photos of my progress on the Herculoids commission I have done for Clark. This was a big piece, 15" x 20" with a lot of characters and a movie poster feel. I think it came out nicely.

To summarize the process: I did a complete pencil drawing with graytones to establish the values (lights and darks) of the piece. I then did a digital color comp as a road map for painting. Both were posted a couple of months ago. What I did today was start painting. I am using fluid acrylics and laying down the color in transparent washes. Building layer after layer until I get to the color I want. When I was finished painting, I went in with color pencils to help define edges different parts of the piece. The last part was hand lettering around the painted logo. (Side note: The digital photos lean a little too much to the green side and are not showing how strong the yellows are at the bottom.)

Thanks to Clark for this fun and challenging commission. It was a lot of fun!