Sketchbook Sunday

I am working with my buddy, writer J.C. Vaughn on a project. It is in the development stage at this point. Still trying to find a "voice" for the art. I am determined to take my art in a different direction for this project, but still keep enough of me in it. Above is one of the pages from my sketchbook where I am working this all out.

In other news:

I am starting to put together art for my next PIN-UPS & SKETCHES books. Though that will probably not be the title. I'm doing this one in full color, but in order to do that, I have to make some decisions about page count and cost. The main problem is trying to keep the price point at $10.00, the same as previous books. But in order to do that and do the book in color, I have to go with saddle stitched (staples) and not perfect bound like my other books. Also the size would be 8" x 10.5", just a little smaller than before. Decisions, decisions.

Annnnd, I will be doing some posters for HeroesCon too. More decisions as to what images to use. 

Also I am going to purchase a banner for conventions. I have found several companies that do these so I just have to pick one. I do like the self contained canister type. Much like a projector screen. So I need to design that as well. :)

Herculoids is still sitting on my board, that will be finished this week. I will be shooting pictures of the progress to share. And two Canson Cuties for Tim on the board for this week.

Going to be a busy week, hang on everyone!