I'm Not Spock!

But Leonard Nimoy is...and always will be.

We are going to see STAR TREK tonight and I am excited. I liked the series, I like the movies, (the even numbered ones mostly), I liked the Next Gen, and I liked Voyager. I never got into Deep Space Nine or Enterprise though. I don't consider myself a Trekker, but I do consider myself a fan of the franchise and the concepts. With all that said, I am really looking forward to the movie and I'm excited by the prospect of a new group of actors carrying the torch as it were.

So I thought it was fitting to do a Star Trek related post. I have been working on the sketchbook alllllllday. But took time out to do this piece. This was penciled in my sketchbook, scanned and colored in Photoshop. I thought it came out decent enough for a quick piece. I probably spent about an hour to an hour and a half working on it. Most of the time was in the colors. Sometimes painting in Photoshop can kill hours because it is so easy to try one thing and then another, and so on and so on. :)