Superwoman, Jimmy Olsen, & Gwen Stacy, oh my!

Another double post today folks. I was commissioned to do a color pin-up in two different graphic novels. The request was for Superwoman on the front page of the JLA: Earth 2 hardcover and to do a Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man: Death of the Stacys hardcover. The person commissioning the two pieces is Joe, he had just won the Poison Ivy Canson piece on eBay and came to me with this idea.  I've never had a request like this and it sounded like fun.
As I started on the Superwoman pose, I just had to have a sniveling Jimmy Olsen in there. One of my favorite scenes in the story. I ran it by Joe (because I didn't want to change it into something he wouldn't like. And it is in the book. Not like I can do another piece instead) and he was all for it. So there you have it. These were done in ink and color pencil on color paper in the hardcover books. Thanks Joe! These were fun to do.
And because everyone likes to see the rough stuff, here are the two sketches done for the pieces. I needed to get them down before drawing in the books because the paper used in the books doesn't not like to have an eraser used on it. It's not really drawing paper and is a bit more delicate.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!