Zatanna - Canson Cutie

Double post today folks. First up, that Mistress of Magic, ZATANNA. She was done in mixed media on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes paper. Working on dark colored paper presents some interesting challenges. In this case I cannot use my light box for transferring the sketch to the Canson paper because it is so dark. When I project it, I have to use a light colored pencil to draw with because I cannot see the graphite. Building up light colors like her skin is a different approach too. But I still enjoy the challenge and will continue to work with the paper. She will be up on eBay tonight!
I just ordered a big selection of colored Canson Mi-Teintes paper today. As well as paints, ink, and various other things for upcoming conventions. I think I will try my hand at painting at HeroesCon. The only time I have painted at a show is for the art auction at HeroesCon, but I've never painted commissions at a show so this could be messy. :)

And the reason for the double post is below. I got my banner today. This thing is great. It has the retractable base so the banner pulls out and up like a projection screen, the support rod in the back is three pieces connected together by a bungie type cord. The kind tent supports have. A carrying case too. I can put it together in less than 3 minutes.
I went into a local Fast Signs and got a quote of over 300.00 for this exact sign and base. They actually had a few in the store that I looked at. Another locally owned shop had it for over 250.00. I got mine on eBay from a seller in L.A. He had a 100% positive rating and I figured I would give him a shot. Great service. I had it in week. Good communication and great price: $100.00 (includes shipping FedEx Ground). I am a very happy customer!