BATMAN! - Steps & Missteps

Today we have the Dark Knight. Batman was commissioned by Brian, who has a serious obsession with Gotham and all of it's inhabitants. :) This was done in ink and color pencils on an 11" x 17" sheet of Canson Mi-Teintes paper. Thanks Brian, it's always a pleasure to visit Gotham City with you!
I think I have covered the steps before, but maybe not with photos. Below is the finished inked artwork, before I started in with the color pencils. I wanted a sense of urgency in the pose that I would strengthen with the environment as I worked. With the color pencils I am establishing the areas that are both darker and lighter than the paper itself. I decided early on that I wanted to have two light sources that are not in the image. Batman is on a rainy street and I thought some light from some neon signs behind/above him would be reflecting off his body and the rain slick asphalt. So the greens and purple/reds are mixed in. Rain was done with a ruler and two different colors of pencil and ink. I bumped up the ripples with ink as a last step.
Those were the steps for the final art, now for the missteps. Sometimes things don't go smoothly. When that happens I try to work through it. Sometimes the best work comes from getting lost and finding your way through the mess. This time it wasn't so drastic. My initial idea was inspired by the BATMAN tv show opening credits but modernized. So I drew the top left pose real rough. After I tightened it I transfered it to the Canson paper then inked it. While I liked the rough, the finished inks lacked something. So I redrew the image, thinking the drawing was the problem (bottom left), transfered to another sheet of Canson paper, inked it and again, I wasn't happy with it. Third time is the charm. I gave up on the pose and came up with something new.
I guess the point here is work though the problems as much as possible. You might not get it to work but you will probably learn from it. I did. :)