Gonzo Art Studio is LIVE

I have a new site I want to announce: GonzoArtStudio

Over a year and a half ago I moved most, if not all my pin-up art off of my site at www.genegonzales.com. The reason, I was picking up quite a few new clients and I felt I should separate the comics/pin-ups from the business illustration. No one ever complained but there were comments about my "sexy drawings" in meetings that I would rather not have been discussing right then. So that is how this blog came about. A place to put the "sexy drawings" and comic related work until I could get an additional site ready. It took a long time. I bought the domain last year and was trying to figure out what software to build the site in since GoLive (the only program I knew) was now gone. And since I had no desire to learn any coding (of which my daughter, the CSS and HTML expert gives me a hard time about) I needed a WYSIWYG type program.

Then came Square Space. A great company that no only has the tools for me to build my site quickly and easily but they also host it. I found them through many of the tech podcasts that I listen to. Basically every reviewer I trust had nothing but GREAT things to say about the service and tools. If you need to build a site, host a blog, etc. I recommend you try their free trial account. No credit cards or obligation.

At GonzoArtStudio you will find my pin-up and comic work. None of that silly business stuff. It's pretty bare bones (no pun intended) right now but I will be adding more artwork over the next few weeks. This blog will continue as it always has but I will be moving the entire thing, archives and all, over to the new site soon.

I hope everyone checks out the site and enjoys their stay there.