HeroesCon - Post Game 2

Late post today folks. I did a painting I plan to share but I was also watching a 9 hour download of high resolution convention sketches. These images are here thanks to DIARY OF NIGHT creator/writer Will Allred. Everybody give him a round of applause.
These two sketches were done for Rob Ledfords sketchbook. The top one is Lar of Opar from Tarzan. I don't know anything about the character but Rob gave me a few things to think about in order to create this image. Below is one of my favorite subjects to draw: The characters from Mars books. John Carter and Dejah Thoris. I went with a fighting Dejah this time instead of the reclining Dejah. :) Thanks Rob!
Since the files took so long to download and I had to prepare them for posting, I only grabbed two. Be here tomorrow when I post eight more images to finish up the HeroesCon Post Game. :)