Invincible & Gidget

If the image below looks slightly familiar, it's because it is. Andrew had already scooped up the Atom Eve piece I did for fun when I did the rough Invincible sketch. He asked for it but I told him it was just a little 5 inch blue pencil sketch in my sketchbook. I offered to size it up, ink it and make it a companion piece for Atom Eve. That worked for him and now Eve is not alone. Thanks again Andrew, both pieces will be at my table at HeroesCon waiting to go home with you. :)
And now for something different. My wife Deena had always wanted an English Bulldog. And almost two years ago we got one. She is named Gidget, and she is one of the silliest dogs I have ever lived with. She's pushy, she's lovable, she's a big baby, and she loves her mommy. Deena will call me on my cell to let me know she is on her way home from work. Gidget knows the time of day and recognizes the ringtone for Deena's calls. When the phone rings, no matter where she is in the house, Gidget hears it and jumps up in her chair at the living room window watching for her mommy. As I type this, Gidget has decided to sleep under my desk. Given her size, she takes up most of the space. And her snoring is so loud, it's a wonder I can hear myself think. Yesterday, I did this little cartoon of Gidget in Adobe Illustrator, starting from a little pencil sketch.