Silk Spectre - Pencils and finish

I messed up. I got so involved with the painting and phone calls that I neglected to take pictures as the painting progressed.
Above is a digital camera shot of the pencils on the watercolor board. I transfer the line art using my opaque projector.
And here is the finished piece. This is almost like those cooking shows where the host puts the pan in the oven and then pulls out the finished dish. I had inked the foreground elements but left the midground and background in tight pencils. This helped give the feeling of depth. Most of the background is shades of the same color, another trick to give the illusion of distance. The farther away the lighter the color. For the word balloon and lettering, I set it on the computer, printed it on bristol board and carefully cut it out. I put an overlay of acetate on the artwork and spray mounted the word balloon to it. The final painting was done in liquid acrylics, pencil and ink on 11" x 17" on Cresent Water Color Board.

Thanks again to Kevin for such a fun commission. Next time I will do a better step by step. :)