Silver Sable

This was done for Shane in his sketchbook. Shane risked his book with the USPS to get it to me ahead of the show in case I had some time to do his request early. I read the note he put in the book asking for tough and sexy Silver Sable. He provided a page of references that have various looks to the character but said I could do my own take on her. Dakota had a dentist appointment so I sat in the waiting room with my sketchbook. I sketch out an idea or two but this one was the coolest. Kind of a Robert McGinnis paperback novel pose. The only thing I changed on her was her headband. The references made the headband scream 1980s. I made it wider and pulled it back to keep her hair out of her face. May look more 1960s, but at least it has a function this way. Thanks to Shane for the commission and for allowing me to share it here early.

Also, according to UPS, my sketchbooks should be arriving today. Fingers crossed that they look good. I will probably post a Tweet on Twitter when they arrive.