Superman & The Daily Planet

Today is a busy day so I wanted to get this posted early. I finished this up last night but didn't scan it until this morning. This commissioned by Royce. He has asked for various Superman Family characters over the years but I don't think I had drawn the big guy for him. So here it is. This was done using ink, color pencils and pastels on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes paper. Thanks to Royce for this commission!
Now for some process stuff I don't think I have shown before. Below is a screenshot of my desktop with Adobe Illustrator open. Once I had the Superman figure down, I worked on the Daily Planet building. After scanning my rough sketch into Photoshop, I placed the sketch in Illustrator. Using some perspective lines made with a pen tool, I began to draw out the building. I also built the Daily Planet globe and lettering. When I was happy with the results, the Superman sketch was laid over the building for placement. I sized the building up and printed that on 11" x 17" copy paper. Slap it on the light table, transfer the drawing, ink, color, and there you have it. All of this could have been done on paper, but this saves time for me. And all my perspective lines and buildings get saved for some future use.
Check back later this afternoon for an announcement. :)