Deadpool, Nova, & The Jack of Hearts

Another batch of inked commissions for today. I hope no one is getting tired of these because we still have a total of 4 more to go. :)

First up, Deadpool. Not a character I am real familiar with but had a blast (no pun intended) doing the piece.

Next up, Frankie Ray as Nova, herald of Galactus. Yup, I did read the story way back when of Frankie leaving Earth to be the herald of the consumer of worlds. That doesn't sound right...kinda like Galactus goes shopping for worlds at the local WalMart.
And last but not least, The Jack of Hearts. Along with the other two here today, a first time request. Very detailed costume that seems to change with every reference I looked at. Seems like each artist just did a variation of the design. Still, this was another fun one to do.
More tomorrow folks!