Iron Man & Captain America!

Two more for today. I had planned on three but I had to do a rough sketch for a potential painted commission that I didn't get to yesterday. Plus other work crept in and paperwork demanded attention. So for today, first up we have Iron Man. This is the first time I have ever drawn Iron Man. I think. :)
Next up, a classic Captain America. Cap is one of those characters you have to do just right. I would say that Batman is like that too. With Cap, you have to have the right build on him. Not too big but more dynamic than normal folks. Or maybe it's just me. Certain characters can intimidate me when I have to draw them. Batman can do that and so can Captain America.
Both pieces were done with ink on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board. Tomorrow we will have a redo of one of the pieces shown here in the last couple of days. And we will switch over the the DC side of comics for a couple of Golden Age JSAers.