Catwoman and Dominique

This new Canson Cutie was done for Bill. Bill wanted something along the same lines of some other Catwoman pieces I have done, in that she is in the middle of a crime. Adding the safe, the cat, the mirror and Batman was me having fun. This was done in mixed media on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes Paper. Thanks again Bill!

And this one is from the flat files. Since buying a scanner that can handle tabloid size paper, I have been scanning old artwork that was never properly scanned. This one is from 1994.

Back when I was doing the art for DOMINIQUE for Caliber Comics I did this piece hoping we might use it for a cover. It was never published. Seems the piece didn't impress enough to be used, but I always liked it. This was one of my earliest attempts at painting with acrylics and as such it's a bit heavy handed.

Deena worked with someone who owned a Harley and we went over to have her pose on it. I took a ton of shots that day, and this was before digital cameras so you can imagine what that cost to develop. Or maybe not, if you are not that old. :) Then finding the right shot I started on the painting. Some adjustments had to be done in order to make Deena into Dominique, but not too much. I used Deena as my model for Dominique for the interior pages too. So this is just a semi-blast from the past that I just thought I would share.