I have been working on this piece off and on for the last month. This was commissioned by Michael, or as he is known here and on his blog, Swanshadow. Michael had seen a Josie and the Pussycats sketch I had posted and noted that it was along the same lines of an idea he had been kicking around for his Common Elements theme. (Check out his blog for the definition of his very cool Common Elements theme) He and I discussed this idea and I loved it. And we were off.

We have Josie & and the Pussycats vs Catwoman, Black Cat and the golden age Black Cat (collectively I've been calling their band 9Lives) in a battle of the bands. Or a Catfight Of The Bands. That had to be a heck of a show.

This is a big piece, 22" x 17", ink on Strathmore Bristol Board. Thanks again Michael, for a fun and different commission!