Pittsburgh Comicon - Post Show #1

As some of you may know, I spent the last 5 days in Pittsburgh, PA. Three of those days were spent at the Pittsburgh ComiCon, one of my favorite shows to attend. I missed last year because of my workload but was determined to make it this year. And I'm glad I did.

The new venue is terrific and Reneé, Patrick and the crew have made the transition of moving into a new place as seamless as possible. The staff they have are great, attentive and polite. And everything seems to go as smooth as can be. There may be hiccups, but as guest and attendees, we never see it, and that's what is important. So thanks to Reneé, Patrick and all the kind folks at the Pittsburgh ComiCon for making such a great show. I am already looking forward to April when the show moves back to its regular dates!

For me the show is mostly about meeting people. Some may say the sketches are my main thing but really it's the people. I do shows where I only do a couple of sketches and I still have a great time meeting people. One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing old friends, meeting new friends and seeing friends from this blog for the first time or seeing them again, for the first time. :) I have a terrible memory when it comes to remembering names. Faces and the sketches I did for them over the years is easier for me. Maybe because I am a visual person. Either way, from this here blog, it was great to see Gary, Carlos, Brian, Chris, Shane and others I know I am forgetting in my tired state, sorry. There were quite a few people who came up and said they enjoy the blog but don't post because they don't want to sound stupid. (Their word, not mine) I have assured them that they will not sound stupid and the group here is an incredibly friendly one and no one will make them feel bad for asking a question or posting a comment. I'm sure everyone here will agree with that.

Okay, let's get to the artwork. That's why we are here, right? :) I am posting these in batches during the course of the day because Blogger only allows 5 images at a time. So there will be two more posts today to cover the 11 sketches I will share. I did a lot more, but I forgot to snap pictures. Also, I won't be nearly as wordy with the other post today, so don't worry. :)

First up, a Dejah Thoris for Andrew. This is the second sketch I did for Andrew. He also picked up one of my (and Deena's) favorite pieces, the island girl art with the tikis on each side. Thanks Andrew! I enjoyed our conversations as well.

Next is Countessa for Shane. Shane has more than a few of my sketches in his book. It was a shame he was only at the show for the day and was pretty rushed. As always it was good to see you Shane. And thanks!

This Conan was the first sketch that Andrew got from me. I was having a mental block at the show when it came time to do this piece. Just wasn't happening. It wasn't until I was relaxing in my room did it just flow. Thanks again Andrew!

One of the most unique requests I have ever received is next. Tim said he had this in is head for a while. And never approached an artist to do it until now. I know I had a big grin on my face when he explained it. I told him it was going to be a humorous piece, just because of the two different cup sizes these two wear, and he said I could run with it. So for the first time, as far as I know, I present the Composite Power Girl-Batgirl. If you don't know the history, this is a take on the Composite Superman, a villain who was a mix of Superman and Batman but also had all the powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Yup, that's right, look it up. :) Thanks Tim!

More later today folks...