Shrinking Violet - Legion of Super-Heroes

I have really got the Legion bug bad lately. I did this pencil sketch of Shrinking Violet (that would be Colossal Boy's hand) and thought I would ink and share it later. Instead I opted to share the pencils and if I ink it later I will post that as well. Or maybe I will paint this one. Can't decide.
Again I am dipping into the Cockrum designed costumes for this one. Still some of my favorite costumes for the Legion. Let's try something, if you post a comment and are a Legion fan, mention your favorite Legionnaire and why. My favorite changed from time to time, but I really liked Ultra Boy. When Jim Starlin did a run on the Legion, he did a story of Ultra Boy accused of murder. In it, Ultra Boy is fleeing from Superboy and Mon-El and he thinks to himself how intimidating it can be around those two. He has almost the same level of power, but can only use them one at a time and because of that he has to be smart. That shed a whole new light on him for me.

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