Deadman & Rama Kushna

I had planned to put up another Legionnaire today, but the race was between Chameleon Boy and Deadman. Deadman was finished up first. This Deadman piece was commissioned by Steve after he won the Phantom Stranger pin-up on eBay. He also owns a Spectre Canson piece I did, so this makes it into a nice DC mystery trio.
Above is the rough Deadman figure I did in my sketchbook. When working on Canson paper, I really have to work out all the details before transferring the art. It's not a good idea to sketch it out on the paper as it doesn't take much erasing to destroy the tooth of the paper. Once Deadman was worked out, I scanned him in and worked on face of Rama Kushna in Photoshop. I put the two together and positioned them the way I thought worked best and printed it out at full size on a piece of 11" x 17" copy paper.

I was happy I could use the my light table to transfer the drawing to the paper. With dark paper I would normally have to use a transfer paper or a projector. Once the pencils were transfered I went through the process of inking it. I used colored pencils and markers to get the look I wanted for both characters. Once it was done, I scanned it and sent it to Steve, who was very happy with it. And now we share it with everyone else.

Thanks again Steve!

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