Princess Projectra - Legion of Super-Heroes

Sometimes you ask for something and you get it. The request from LUD! and Carlos for a Projectra pin-up was one I could not pass up. Jeckie, as she was sometimes known, was from the planet Orando. And really was the Princess. She could create realistic illusions. The kind that were so real your senses would be screaming that the illusion is real even though you knew that was her power. Jeckie was always romantically tied to Karate Kid. They actually joined the Legion together along with Ferro Lad and Nemesis Kid. The latter turning out to be a spy and betrayed the Legion. Years later after Jeckie took the throne as Queen of Orando and married Karate Kid, Nemesis Kid killed Karate Kid. As Queen, Jeckie defeated Nemesis Kid and killed him herself. Claiming royal privilege in doing so. There is more to her story but that really sums up quite a bit.

For this piece I inked Jeckie on an 11" x 17" sheet of Strathmore Bristol Board and did the Validus (of the Fatal Five) illusion in markers.

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