Sketchbook Friday

It has been a crazy and exciting day today. Conference call about an exciting new venture I hope takes off, then talking with two potential new clients and then getting about 90% of the Chameleon Boy commission done. I had planned to be able to share that one today. While I could have finished it, and may still do that tonight, I want to be able to send the image to the person who commissioned it before posting. It would have been a lot later. So instead some more sketchbook material.

The Brainiac 5 on this page was the first one I sketched. Even though it is rough, I still like this figure. I was going to put his force field around him and have gun blasts bouncing off. But then I went with the somber version featuring Computo. Not sure that was the correct choice. The other figures are of Duo Damsel as I was working out her pose.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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