Sketchbook Monday

Today I've been busy going through files to put together some sample art for a potential client & working on penciling stage of three commissioned paintings for Vincent. The samples were sent and the penciling went along nicely but all I have to show today is some sketches in my new book. I love a new sketchbook. :)

A couple of other things to mention. I have four auctions running right now on eBay. All of them are Legionnaires I have shown here over the last several days. If anyone is interested you can find them here.

I am still taking inked commissions at this time. So if anyone is interested just send me an email. No paintings though. I am booked up on those until the end of November.

I don't express it enough, but I just want to say thanks to everyone who keeps dropping by here to see what I am up to. I hope everyone is still finding it all interesting or at least a fun time-killer. And thanks for everyone who came out to a convention and said "hi". Convention season is over for me, for the most part, and this year was really great. I had such a blast catching up with everyone and meeting some new people. Good times! Thanks!!!

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