Timber Wolf - Legion of Super-Heroes

Another Legion request for today, Brin Londo, also known as Timber Wolf. I think someone requested him but I don't remember who. The first image is ink on 11" x 17" Strathmore Bristol Board.
Followed by the image colored in Photoshop.

This is my favorite look for Timber Wolf. And again, a Dave Cockrum classic. Brin didn't always look like this. He did look more human back when he was Lone Wolf and did revert back to a more human look after this particular design. You can see another version of him that I did a while back right here. And because Brin's history is pretty complicated (and because I am exhausted) here is a link to the Wiki about him. :) How lazy can I get?

For anyone interested, I will be putting the line art of all the Legion pieces I have been doing over the last several days on eBay tomorrow evening. If there is a piece that you are interested in, let me know before tomorrow night. Thanks!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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