Dr. Fate - Sketch Card

According to the SUPER DC CALENDER 1976 today is Kent Nelson, aka, Dr. Fate's birthday. So here is my tribute done in Copic Multi Liners and markers on a Strathmore Sketch Card.

Today has already been very productive: Finished and uploaded a job for DC, three concepts for the Jennifer Mays Canson Cutie sketched, scanned and emailed to Matt, scanned two commissions and packed them up to be shipped to Hungary today, and completed the sketch card for this here post. I will take a break shortly to go to a meet up of the Inkslingers. This is a group of comic book and comic strip artists who live in the Tampa Bay region. They meet up once a month and I was invited for the first time last month. But between my work and the meet up being three days before Christmas, I completely forgot. This time, I set iCal to send me email alarms 4 hours before and 1 hour before the meeting. I will not miss it. This should be fun. I will report on the meet up tomorrow.

When I get back this afternoon, I will have to chain myself to the drawing table. I have 14 illustrations that I need to complete by Monday afternoon. :)

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