La of Opar

Sorry for the really light scan. After years of wanting and then finally getting a scanner that will scan 11" x 17" , I buy a pad of watercolor paper that is 12" x 16". D'oH!

My weekend is going to be filled with looooong hours of work. Two Canson pieces, and priority work from DC. So when I took a break today, I decided to do something fun for me. So I pulled out the watercolor pad and just started drawing. I ended up doing this piece featuring La of Opar, from the Tarzan stories. At least I think that is where she is from. I have never read any but I have had requests for sketches of her in the past. This was drawn with a terra cotta Col-Erase pencil on a 12" x 16" piece of Arches Hot Pressed Watercolor paper. I plan to paint her during my breaks this weekend. Just for fun. :) Have a good weekend everyone!

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