Catwoman - Canson Cutie

Catwoman and the Bat Signal © 2010 DC Comics

I was hoping I would get the chance to share this one today and I have been told I can. :)

This Catwoman was commissioned by Lisa, aka, Comix Book Gurl. The concept of Catwoman with a sculpture of the Egyptian Feline Goddess, Bast was all hers. And a fun one at that. A few weeks ago I showed the three rough ideas for this piece and it was unanimous that this design was the one to do. More importantly, this was Lisa's favorite. Then as I started this piece, all you-know-what broke loose and I had to put the commissions aside. I continued to work on this a little bit at a time until today when I was able to dedicate the time needed to finish it up. I really appreciate Lisa's patience and enthusiasm for this commission. It was a lot of fun! Thanks Lisa!

This Catwoman piece was done in ink and color pencil on an 11" x 17" sheet of Violet Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

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