La of Opar - Finished

I finished La this afternoon. With "La" in my head, I kept hearing the song from THE SOUND OF MUSIC. You know the one, "Do, a deer, a female deer". Over and over it played. In the song "La" gets no respect. All the other notes have descriptive comparisons. Not "La", it's just "a note to follow 'So'". Sad. It's one of Deena's favorite movies too. That's why I know the movie so well. I have this plan to take her to Austria, charter a helicopter, drop her off on a mountain, then swing back around with video camera in hand filming her while she spins around singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music...". She would do it too. :)

Sorry, went off topic there. Still hearing the song...

This piece was finished with some more watercolor, to build up some depth and some color pencils to give it some harder lines and details. The final image is 11" x 16" on Arches Hot Pressed 140# watercolor paper.

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