La of Opar - Progress

After I finished my work for the day, I got a chance to play with this piece. I think I was overly optimistic about my "free time" over the last weekend when I said I would paint during my down time. There was no down time as it turns out.

Above shows just the beginnings of laying down some paint. I have not been working in watercolors in quite some time. Mostly using fluid acrylics these days. But I want to add some pain and frustration into my life so I am using watercolors. The funny thing is that I used to use watercolor all the time and felt very comfortable with them. But working in fluid acrylics have changed my approach and that approach doesn't work so well with watercolors.

The difference is this: With the acrylics, I can lay down a color, let it dry and paint another color over it with out lifting the first color. They won't mix and get muddy. If I lay transparent colors down and go over it with another transparent layer, I get a nice blending of the colors. Building colors is easier. Watercolor tends to lift a bit or a lot when you try to layer colors. So the approach is a bit different. But as I said when I posted this rough sketch, this is all for fun. Yup, fun. :)

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