Scraps that are lying around

Whew! Before I discuss the artwork above and the title of this post, this is what my day was like:

6:30am - Up and in the studio working by 7am on DC Licensing project.
10:30am - Start getting ready, need to leave by ...
12:00pm - Take Dakota and pick up two other girls of the strings quartet and head to Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg so they can perform "Nearer My God To Thee" in front of a judge. All part of a competition/evaluation performance. Dakota did an arrangement of the music that the judge really liked. (They got a "Superior" mark for their performance, btw. Highest mark they could achieve) While at the school I did answer some work emails on my iPhone.
3:00pm - Take girls home, and we get home by...
3:45pm - Have a sandwich
4:00pm - 5:30- Clean gutters, windows, yard, house, dishes and feed pets.
5:30 - 6:pm - Back in studio to work on Catwoman commission. Cut Canson paper to correct size. Ready to transfer. But decide to "warm up" a bit with a scrap of paper left over from the cutting.
6pm - ??? - Work on Catwoman Canson Cutie Commission.

And there you go. I did the little Catwoman Canson Mini in ink & color pencil on a 3.5" x 8(ish)" of Violet Canson Paper.

And how was your Saturday? :)

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