800 Days & Judomaster

So we have hit another milestone. But first, here is the second piece commissioned by Kevin, Judomaster. I have less than a passing familiarity with Judomaster. I know he was in the Charlton Comics and I remember him showing up in Crisis on Infinite Earths but that's it. While I don't know the back story, I do know the visual. This was a fun piece to do in that it was a character I have never drawn. Thus when looking at references I think I subconsciously channeled Dick Giordano and Frank McLaughlin, the artists whose work I was looking at. Something I didn't notice until Kevin pointed it out. It was something he liked, thank goodness. Thanks again to Kevin for the two commissions. This was done in ink on a 11" x 17" sheet of Strathmore Bristol Board.

So what is the milestone:

800 consecutive days of posting since January 1, 2008 (The official start date of this blog)

This is Post #874