Happy Birthday Aqualad!

According to the 1977 SUPER DC CALENDAR, today is Aqualad's birthday! I went to Ramona Fradons version of Aqualad for this little sketch. This is back when Aqualad had freckles and brown hair. Pre-perm days. This was done on a 3.5" x 5" scrap of Canson paper.

This piece was done in 20 minutes. Start to finish while my poor computer was crunching a bajillion shapes into one big shape. I just started drawing this and finished before the progress bar finished. Big file.

My day has been filled with work, work, work. But the end of this particular 3-part project is almost over with: I finished one early this morning, I am finishing the second one right now, and the third will be done by tomorrow night. I have been living with these files for over two weeks now and I will be glad when they are done. Whew.

I did take a break today for a couple of hours to hang out with the Suncoast Inkslingers. Comic artist Jim Fern lives near me and he organizes a meet up every month of comic/fantasy/scifi/ artists and fans. We take over a section of a restaurant or coffee house and share art, books, stories, etc. I have only gone the last two months and it's fun. Nice conversations, nice folks and food.

Tomorrow I will have a big break in the middle of my day. We are going to see a spring training game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Phillies. So make sure you follow me on Twitter (@genegonzales) for live pictures and commentary. Both of the game and the beer!

Enjoy your evening!

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