Sundress - Vector Art 1

I am revisiting this figure from two days ago. After looking at the initial sketch, I thought this would have potential for a CILM pin-up.

Top left: First thing I did was fix what I didn't like about the original sketch. I sketched her in my sketchbook, tightening up the lines and details like her hands and shoes. After scanning her I realized her head was still too big In Photoshop I selected her head and reduced it. The white area around her head shows just how much I reduced it. I think it is 92% of what it had been.

Top Right: I placed the corrected file in Adobe Illustrator. Using the pencil scan as my guide I digitally inked the figure on a separate layer. Using some custom vector brushes and the pen tool I complete the line art.

Bottom left: This shows the digital inks without the distraction of the pencil sketch layer. At this point I expand the line work. This changes the lines into shapes that I can resize, tweak and erase. Look at her jaw line and you can see how the shape extends into her hair. That is an area I erased as part of the clean up. When I am happy with this stage, I selected the whole thing and turned it into a Live Paint object.

Bottom right: Live Paint allows me to fill closed areas with a paint bucket rather quickly. Remember when I made the line art into shapes? I can now use the paint bucket tool to add color to the black shapes making up her outlines. Once I have the base colors done, I will start playing with light and shadow. I can still change any color combination at anytime. I'm not locked into anything at all.

More to come.

Note: As I was typing the last paragraph I had a moment of deja vu. For some reason I think I might have done one of these vector art progress posts. I imagine it's possible to repeat myself after so many posts. I hope not, but if I did, no harm. I'm sure if someone goes back and looks for it and finds it, it's probably different enough from this one. Okay, I need to get back to work.

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