Sundress - Vector Art 2

I didn't have much time today to work on this. I am very busy with commercial work and still trying to get ahead so I can travel to the Pittsburgh ComiCon on Friday. But here is what I did:

A) I did a little bit of lights and darks on her skin. Nothing I am satisfied with so I started working on the background. Having a color background really helps to see contrasts in color. What looked to light in value now looks better with a dark background. For the background I am going with a cruise ship. I started with a basic sky color, added the water line and the area for the deck of the ship. The deck is made of different sized and color rectangles. 

B) I found a reference online for a ship railing that I used here. The only thing I really needed was the base and how it connects the rails to the deck. I don't have to have a completely realistic base, just a suggestion of it is good enough for what I am doing.

C) While researching the rail, I noticed life preservers and decided to include one. Having a reference helped me to see how the life preserver is attached to the railing.

D) I added the background clouds. They may stay, they may go. That is the nice thing about working digitally, you can change your mind at almost any point of the process.

All of this is being done in Adobe Illustrator CS3. More to come.

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