With One Magic Word...

SHAZAM! Just another quickie for today. I'm having fun with these little sketches. It's always nice to break up the daily work with something different and these are fitting the bill. The only problem is coming up with a character to draw. The good Captain here is light on the cross hatching and dark areas because he is such a "bright" character. Lines crisscrossing his face just doesn't seem right. So, any suggestions for future gray paper sketches?

HeroesCon is just three weeks away, and I am still taking advance orders for sketches. So far I have some really cool ones that run the spectrum of characters. I have a couple of Canson pieces, a couple of double character pieces and some fun single character inked sketches. And all are going to be fun! Here are the details from last week for getting on the list. Thanks to everyone who has signed up already!

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