This is a sketch I have been working on for the last week. Takes a while if I only work on it a few minutes at a time. Finally got it to a point that I could do a color comp in Photoshop. Though I had planned on painting this, the drawing itself is done on a sheet of hot pressed watercolor paper, I might do it digital. Not sure yet.

Today marks 900 consecutive days of posting to this blog. (It is 900, right Royce?) I've had more posts than that but I am counting days, not posts. When I bought new business cards, I added the blog to the cards. For the first time in print I referred to this as my "daily" sketch blog. Talk about trying to jinx it. :)

At the Pittsburgh ComiCon I was telling someone at my table about this blog and how it came about. They were impressed and supportive. They wished me luck and left. Someone near by heard the conversation and asked if it was really a daily blog. I said yes. Then for some reason he started to belittle my efforts here in a very passive/aggressive way. The exact words escape me right now but the condescending tone stayed with me. I don't know why he took such issue with me doing a daily blog. It never made sense. Even more strange is why he felt he needed to put down what I am doing here. I just don't get it. Thinking back on the times that I have seen him, I realize that he has always had this tone and rude demeanor. Not sure it's with everyone, but always with me. Oh well.

Someone recently asked me what I will do when I hit 1000 days. I don't have an answer. As I have stated before, I started this as a one year experiment and hoped I could do at least three straight months. I really don't have a plan beyond the day to day of this. It's just become part of my daily life and not any real effort to do so it's not like I need to take a break. I guess we will all have to wait and see.

I do know that this blog wouldn't have lasted this long with all of you. Thanks everyone.

Tomorrow: Day 901 and just what the heck is Gene up to these days?

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