I don't think anyone suggested The Demon, but I thought I would take a crack at him.

This was a full day of catching up. Still. I typically have a busy schedule and I am gearing up for an extremely busy summer. To do a convention takes a couple of weeks of getting ready before the show and a few days to recover. I rarely get sick after a show these days since I started taking extra precautions, but a show can still wear me out. So coming back to work that was still on my desk from the previous week AND having three or four fires to put out has kept me moving. It gets even crazier when you add in that I had contracts to sign for another project starting at the end of the month and I needed to quote a job Tuesday for series of illustrations for a higher education text book that I only found out about on Friday afternoon.

On the fun side, I am finishing up a commission for Jon this weekend. He has been extremely patient as the  self imposed due date for his commission fell in the week of HeroesCon. Also, I will be starting another Canson Cutie commission some time after that. And I heard from another person that knows how to get my attention to do a couple of commissions: Ask me to draw the Legion. :) That is still in the talking stage but it would be a fun one. Okay, back to work!

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