HeroesCon 2010 - Post Game 1

I'm running a little slow today. HeroesCon ended at 6pm yesterday and Joe Pekar and I were on the road by 6:30. We drove a while and then picked up a quick bite to eat and loaded up on Red Bull and Mtn. Dew. Normally I like to drive as non-stop as possible, but there was a need to keep getting more caffeine as the long drive continued. It took 8.5 hours to get Joe home and then another 2 hours of driving for me to get home at 5am. I managed to sleep for a couple of hours and then I had to get started on work. Whew.

But who cares about that??? Let's look at some more sketches!

First up is a Cheshire for Shane. I have to admit that it was Diary of Night writer Will Allred's idea for me to pull out the red acrylic paint for the blood. Good Will Calling. And thanks Shane, glad you liked it.

A thank you to Ben for commissioning Desire, of The Endless. Again with the red paint.

And a Wonder Woman for Leigh rounds out this batch. Thanks Leigh!

As always the show was a lot of fun. Joe Pekar was set up to my left and Big John Beatty and Craig Zablo were to my right. No one was going to mess with our tables with this crew around. :)

The area behind my table became a rest stop for a bunch of nice folks. Of course Will Allred was there, sharing the table. But then we would have Will's lovely wife Stacy and their boys stop by from time to time. Patrick would sit with me for a while and shoot the breeze. Little John and his lovely wife Patricia would hang out from time to time. Patricia and I would talk about old Southern California places we both knew and grew up near. Pat Sun, Super Photog would be around there too when he wasn't documenting the convention. Royce (Yes, Little John, there is a Royce Thrower), his brother Eric dropped by from time to time along with "couch crasher" Anthony. Royce had to stop by quite a bit just to see what version of his sketch I was on. Tracy stopped by a couple of times to visit but his son Logan didn't make it this year. Always great to see Tracy and I hope Logan makes it next year. Erica dropped by to pick up Catman and chat a bit. Though she only dropped by once, it was great to see her.

One of the really cool things this last weekend was my best friend Tom Fleming came to HeroesCon for the first time. This is not Tom Fleming, the artist, but Tom Fleming, comic art fan/dealer and owner of www.fanfare-se.com. He brought along his friend John. I've met John before and it was great to hang out with him and Tom at the show and in the evenings. Tom brought along a stack of  original art from the 1970s DC romance comics and the three of us, along with Patrick, tried to identify the artists. There were no credits on them or in any on-line data base. Almost like a game show.

I know I am forgetting some folks and I apologize. The brain is a terrible thing and mine is gone right now. As soon as Will finishes the drive home to Arkansas and emails me the scans he did of several more sketches, I will post them. So lets all wish Will and his family a safe trip home. :)

So, more tomorrow.

One Important Note: I did a sketch for Chris, whose last name I did not get. I need him to contact me. The sketch I did for him was of Marvel's Valkyrie. I'm hoping he visits this blog but if not, if anyone knows him, ask him to email me. Thanks!

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