Rocket Girl - Process

I started my work day at 7am and just now stopping. While working I have had this piece sitting next to me with paint, brushes and water handy. While the file saves I paint. Yes, it takes that long. Right now I am just establishing values with Paynes Gray fluid acrylic. Not done yet but I still thought I would share.

I think Gary asked me what I am up to these days and while I can't go into any details on some projects I can still mention them.

On my commission list right now is a Catwoman Canson Cutie for Comix Book Gurl. I am working up a quote for a pair of fun Legion related commissions that I will talk about if they come to pass.

I am still doing work for DC Licensing and really enjoying it. I have had one project on my desktop for them for weeks now and it is such a big, memory intensive file, and so much detail I can only work on it a bit at a time. It's been a challenge. I don't know what I can share about these projects but I am going to be safe and leave it at that. Now that the movie is out, I can probably mention that I worked on some art for the JONAH HEX movie. It was a really quick turn around project about a month ago. I was told it would probably be for the opening credits but I don't know for sure.

I should be starting on some artwork for a higher education book by July. I have worked on this series of books before but that was several years ago. Newer editions and new art needed. There are several in the series so with any luck this will be a long term project.

Regarding comic book projects, I was asked by JC Vaughn to step in and do the art for a horror story he wrote. The artist that was going to do it had to bow out and I am happy to step in and help. I will be doing full traditional art chores and traditional lettering on this one. And doing gray tone washes. I am shooting for a look like something out of Eerie magazine. I opted to hand letter the boards too for that classic comic book page. That has to be done by October. I believe the title will be coming out from Moonstone, but I don't have all the details right now.

Still waiting on a project that I have been assured it will happen. A few years ago I did a project for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. They want to do another one and have been working out the details in-house for a year now. Last email was in May and I was told the final script revision is being addressed by those who need to see it. Patience is a big part of freelancing. :)

Then of course I have all my other clients that I do graphic design work and small illustration projects. These are small businesses that I have been working with for more than a decade. There is always something coming in from those sources. And I will be working with a friend on the redesign of his company site. A road map for a portal, if you will.

Creator Owned Projects:
Sally Volt: Space Jungle Girl - On hold. Revamping it. Get back to it when I can.
HERC - Characters designed and first story arc written. Need to draw.
Unnamed Gonzales/Vaughn project - Bible for project written. Outline done. Main characters developed.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. But that should bring everyone up to date. Oh, forgot to add, I do this daily art blog. Maybe you have seen it. :)

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