Batman & Sunspot

Long day today folks. Just as one project was coming in late, another project came up as a priority. Ah, the life of a freelance illustrator. :) Regardless, I am still on track for the Conventionless Convention Sketches. First up is BATMAN for Adam. I had fun with this piece. Batman is a tough character for me to nail down but I think I did pretty good here. Thanks Adam!

Batman © DC Comics

Next up is the New Mutant, Sunspot. This was requested by Jon. Jon loves Canson pieces and wanted a Sunspot. Since a silhouette on white paper didn't seem to exciting, he thought if I put it on a sheet of color paper it would work out. Good call, so I went with a yellowish paper for the character. Thanks Jon!

That is seven down, five to go folks. :)

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