Saturn Girl - Miss Titan!

This is the last of the Conventionless Convention Sketches. This one took a while to finish because I got hammered with work that I didn't expect. Even though I managed to get two done a day at the beginning, working 12-15 hours days over the weekend took it's toll on me. Monday and Tuesday were not much better. But she is done now.

This was done for Michael. He has an extensive and really cool theme of "Bombshells" art. I have done a few and it was really fun to revisit the theme. After you are done here, you really owe it to yourself to see his collection here on the ComicArtFans site. Thanks again for the commission Michael and for gearing it toward my fondness for all things Legion! It's too bad you have a Mary Marvel Bombshell, I had a fun idea for one. ;)

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