Black Widow - 30 minutes

Black Widow © Marvel Entertainment

First the good news: My A/C is working again and it was a very productive day. I did this sketch rather quickly today. The pose just flowed out of the pencil without any effort. And I did the inks in a choppy sort of way. I put this all down really quick and added some color in Photoshop. This all took about 30 minutes. After I was done, I looked at it again and wondered "Have I done this pose before?" It seems familiar and it may be similar to some other pose I have done. I'm not worried about it though. After so many years of doing this, I am bound to repeat something or get close to repeating something. This was for fun and I am not searching through my files for a similar piece. :)

And my A/C is working again. It's all good. :)

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