Harley Quinn - Canson Cutie Finish

Harley Quinn © DC Comics

Still no A/C. Service is scheduled for tomorrow but they were going to try to get to us today if they could. I imagine it's a busy time for that type of service. I was using my local Starbucks for my studio today. The folks there know me well and said to make myself at home and stay all day if I want. Very kind of them. I did spend a few hours at a time there working and then coming home to throw the dogs in the pool to cool them off. Dakota went with me to Starbucks, setting up her laptop and looking like she is a professional writer. :)

I also managed to finish up that last 10% of the Harley piece. I think Harley picked too big of a mallet to try an wallop the Bat. Thanks to Adam for the commission!

I have a new Canson Cutie on the commission list. It will be a Shrinking Violet in her green Dave Cockrum designed costume. I'm looking forward to that.

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