Shrinking Violet - Canson Cutie Painting (In Progress)

Today has been a working Saturday. But then, what other kind is there. I got a priority project last night for DC that is due Monday. Knocked out 85% of that today and will finish it up tomorrow morning. And I lettered part of a story I am working on with writer J. C. Vaughn.

Then I took out another sample board that Canson sent me a while back. The person at Canson had seen my Canson Cuties and sent me several boards to try. One of them is a mat board. I wasn't really sure what to do with it. But the texture is not unlike the rough side of the Canson Mi-Teintes paper I use so it got me thinking. A very dangerous pass time, I know.

I thought I would try painting on it using Golden Fluid Acrylics. The board should be able to handle more than the paper can, I thought. The subject matter would be the Shrinking Violet idea that wasn't selected for a commission. It's not finished but I thought I would show the progress, if not the process. I really wish I had thought to take pictures when I started. Sometimes I get in the flow of painting, everything else is forgotten.

Shrinking Violet © DC Comics

The board is Steel Gray and is 16" x 20". I measured out an 11" x 17" area in the center for the painting. After setting that up I did a finished drawing right on the board. I don't do that on the Canson Cuties because the paper is a bit to delicate. But this board is rigid, the tooth seemed solid, and the color didn't change when I erased a test area. So I starting with my rough idea and did the finished drawing. Then I inked it with a Copic Multiliner 0.3 black pen. I didn't want the graphite in the painting and I knew I would paint over the black line so I didn't do any thick and thin lines. Then it was time for painting.

Normally I trim the board to 11" x 17", but in this case I didn't. I liked having the space along the edges to test the paint on instead of having a scrap piece of the board on my table. Lighting would be different for both, and so the color could look different.

Shrinking Violet © DC Comics

The top picture shows the progress I made this afternoon. The bottom is just a detail. I will have the finished piece tomorrow and I will talk a bit about my thoughts on painting and drawing on this board.

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