Shrinking Violet - Canson Cutie Painting

Shrinking Violet © DC Comics

Here is the finished Shrinking Violet painted with Golden Fluid Acrylics on Canson Steel Gray Mat Board. I had a great time painting on this board. I love the texture and the way the paint moved on the board. The paint layered nicely and the board really held up to all the water that was put to it over the course of painting. The best complement I can come up with is I will be doing more on these boards in the near future.

I was curious about this board so I checked the Canson website and found the board listed under Mi-Teintes Art & Framing Board. I suspect this is actually the same Mi-Teintes paper I use for Canson Cuties mounted on a board. If that is the case I am very excited at the possibilities. I will be checking with Canson this week to find out more. This was a fun experiment and I am very happy with the results.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. See you tomorrow.

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