Just a little background...

Artwork © Gene Gonzales

Here is a panel from the story I am working on with writer J.C. Vaughn. This just shows my pencils and the inks for the same panel. I enjoy doing backgrounds. I started finding them fun when I was working on Mister X. The city was a character itself and it was fun to design the "sets" for the story. I found it a challenge and tried new ways to draw the city. It was the first time I used a 3D program to build simple shapes as guides for the extreme perspective I used for the tall buildings. To give a sense of the walls closing in. This was way back in the late 1990s.

I am barely making this post today. I got my computer back around 7pm and have been trying to get my studio in order. With everything in a disarray it seemed like a good time to get the room cleaned up and reorganized. Just didn't realize it would take so long. :)

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