Sketchbook Friday - SJG Rough

Space Jungle Girl © 2010 Gene Gonzales

I am going to finish up this piece like the one I posted yesterday. But instead show some progress as I work. Not only because it can be more interesting, but also because this is all I can manage today at the end of the workday.

I am fighting what I think is a head cold. The first illness of the year for me. But I think I created this illness. While my computer was in repair, I took the time to redo the studio. I tore up the carpet in my studio. Carpet was here when we bought the house. It looked okay but as I started cutting, the padding was disintegrating. There was a cloud of dust and who knows what that was just hanging there for too long. Dakota was helping me a little and both of us have the symptoms of a head cold that is now becoming a cough. Probably should have worn some kind of respirator or at the least, a mask. So I'm going to take some meds, and try to get some rest tonight so I can start all over tomorrow at 7am. Work, work, work.

Have a good weekend!

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