Supergirl - Maid of Might! Inked Commission

Supergirl © DC Comics

Royce made his choice from the roughs I posted and here is the finished piece. For me this Supergirl costume is second only to the hot pants costume as drawn by Bob Oksner or Art Saaf. It's fun, sexy and I think she got it from Diana "Wonder Woman" Prince. I seem to recall Supergirl trying on the costume in Diana's boutique. (WW lost her powers back then and was doing her Emma Peel impression. Google that if you are too young to know what I am talking about). :) I don't have those particular issues anymore so I may be wrong. Feel free to correct me if I am.

Which reminds me, it would be great if DC would make their library available in a digital format. I would go broke, that's for sure.

Thanks again Royce. As you know, I am always up to drawing Kara. And now I have a bunch of poses that I can work on in my free time. ;)

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